Selling for the first time

First time sellers often have it tough for them the process is scary and complicated. They may have been through the hassle of buying a house and the stress that entails but they won’t have yet experienced the other side as well: chains, viewings, costs of sale etc. etc.

For many first-time sellers, the stresses they had moving house will be far from their minds and they will have forgotten some of the stress they went through when they bought their first home. This time around, however, these problems can be doubled and not only are they selling but buying on also these needs to be taken care of with the correct advice and professional guidance.

We will take care of everything for you from the initial Valuation to a final Key Release. Our approved specialists can give mortgage advice, conveyancing services, surveys, removals and even packing services. Your delegated specialist negotiator in the office can deal with it all as well as being a comforting shoulder to lean on when it all gets too much for you. Nothing is too much trouble.