Looking to relocate

Looking to Relocate to another part of the Country?

Relocation can bring its own range of problems. For those who have already relocated and have a property to sell it can be difficult to find agents they can trust keep things moving on their behalf.

It is important not to have their home stagnating on the market, because they need to buy a home in their new location or because they have already moved and they need to sell as quickly as possible.

As a chosen Member of Relocation Agent Network, we are able to offer relocators every help and assistance in making this process as smooth as possible via a Network of over 600 local Expert Agents across the UK. Relocation Agent Network is a part of Cartus Group an award winning, industry leading International Relocation Company.

Common reasons for Relocating

There are many reasons why people choose to relocate and we take our time to really understand your goals, needs and expectations.


  • Moving because of work – there are a couple of main reason here - movers want to make a good impression with new employers and be focused on their new opportunity. Or they have moved with their existing employer and need to get up-to- speed as quickly as possible
  • Moving to be closer to family – one of the main reasons for those looking to relocate is to be closer to their family. Many of these sellers are older than those moving because of work and value finding a selling agent who they can trust to manage the sale of their property effectively and as stress free as possible
  • Moving abroad – moving abroad for a new life holds infinite possibilities. There are many difficulties with arranging purchases and sales overseas. There may be time limitations for the move abroad that some sellers might have in tight schedules to make their dream of a new life work
  • Starting a new life – people choose to relocate to start a new life with the beginning or end of a relationship or after a time of personal hardship. With a new start comes great optimism and it’s important that the sale doesn’t delay their dreams of a new start


Each of these objectives comes with its own set of priorities and challenges. We will demonstrate our understanding of your needs and will turn whatever challenges you may have into strengths during the selling and buying process