A growing family

A growing family can be a joyous thing. As parents, your attentions turn to raising your children and wanting to do the best for them.

This can bring with it a lot of responsibility. Moving with a young family offer an unusual set of stresses and strains. The children get worried and unsettled, you will need help finding good schools, and you may be moving away from your family, friends and support network.

Your dedicated Negotiator and our whole team are sensitive to the needs of growing families and their concerns throughout the moving process, will be trying our best to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. We will try to minimise time taken and lower the stress levels.

There are many reasons why people with growing families need to move we take our role seriously and try to familiarise ourselves with what you and your family needs.

The most common reasons for them moving are:


  • Moving to be closer to family – sometimes families are started away from a much-needed support network. People often move closer to home. We recognise this as well as the urgency to move and can advise on the best marketing strategy to help you get what you want
  • Moving to be in school catchment areas – to do the best for our children, we often move closer to good schools. There is often a timescale that we need to work to here and this is taken into consideration.


Both reasons come with their own set of expectations. Also, some people with growing families have time to wait, others do not. We will demonstrate our understanding of these objectives to show you that we will be sensitive to your needs and will turn whatever worries you may have into positives during the selling and negotiating process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help with chains?

We recognise to get you into your New Home you will probably become part of a buying chain. There are several ways in which we help. We can try to find you buyers with no chain below i.e. Cash Buyers or find a property for you to buy that is ‘Chain Free’ We can set a different strategy depending upon your personal situation. Once agreed we act responsively and proactively to ensure that the house you want to sell and buy a processed as smoothly as possible